Cayuga Street History

by Andrew O'Connor

In 1840 there were 15 separate school districts in the town of Hannibal. Each district had its own teacher. They would teach grades 1 through 8. The names of the districts were usually for the people who let the school house be built on their land. Most of the school houses were also used as churches. The children who went to the 15 different districts had to walk 3-5 miles one way to get to their school house.

In 1949 there was a lot of talk about centralization of all the 15 districts into one. Some felt it would be too costly because they would have to buy buses to get all kids to the village to school. If buses had to be bought that would raise taxes. Others felt that if the district was centralized that the kids would get a more equal education and they could take advantage of organized sports and music.

On June 8, 1948 the people of Hannibal voted for centralization with a vote of 767 for, and 318 against. The new district included kids from Hannibal, Oswego Town, Granby, and Sterling. The first year there were 670 students in the district.

The building was not big enough so they had to add extra rooms to the school in the village. In 1957, Fairley School opened to kindergarten, first and second grades. But by 1962 they were still running out of rooms. Part of the bus garage was divided up into classrooms for third and fourth grades plus one class of second grade. They had to go to the high school for lunch and recess.

In 1964, Cayuga Street Elementary School was opened with 4th, 5th, and 6th grades. A new gymnasium was added to the building in 1967. The last constructions to the building was in 1987. Extra classrooms were build on Cayuga Street School and the High School. The school has not changed much since then. Cayuga Street School has about 30 rooms. There have been 3 principals as far as I know. The 3 principals are Mr. Cudamora, Mrs. Goodale and Mr. Kenney, plus a great staff.

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