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[Note the Money Back Guarantee, below.]

If you've never before attended one of John's seminars, you're in for a treat.

Don't you hate it when you take a day off work to hear a speaker and at the end of the day you still don't know "exactly" what to do? He or she was entertaining and informative enough, but a week later you don't know how to put what he said to use? And even if you could, you can't IMAGINE it making you any money? Not at these seminars, folks. Our intent is to make you THRIVE! WITHOUT charging you an arm and a leg for the privilege.

Most presenters just give you a laundry list of choices to make. John gives you the complete picture:

      • what is possible,
      • what is profitable,
      • what is best supported,
      • what is reasonable for the future,
      • what is fun.
Frequently, you get software or other resources on the spot, to get you started that day.

Seminars are offered only a few times a year, so don't miss the next one.

There are two major seminars (with a discount to anyone attending both), and specialized seminars for Associations and Non-Profits:

  • Visit the Internet
    a three-hour, weeknight-or-Saturday Introductory Session, useful as a general introduction to the Internet, but much more. Not just a tour, but how to make it all work. Emphasis will be on gaining access and using other people's resources well, but substantial time will be spent introducing the basics of developing business connections. Where to find every kind of information, do research, read history and literature, visit museums, plan travel, get software instantly, make business contacts.

      Appears under the name
      Access the World! How to Get Connected, Find Anything, and Make Money on the Internet's World Wide Web.

      $0 to 49, depending on materials (possibly less through certain organizations).
      If you attend the full-day seminar, you may apply this entire amount to the second seminar, right up to the last minute. In other words, if you attend the full-day one afterward, this one is free. Come to this one, then decide.

  • How to Set up Shop on the Internet
    The Full-day Business Session, for businesses who want to learn the best ways of using the Internet as a tool. Although infrequent, sessions are offered both on Saturday and a weekday, for your scheduling convenience.

      Appears under the names
      Presence! Establishing yourself on the Internet's World Wide Web,
      Selling to the World, and
      How Businesses Make Money on the Internet.

      $250, but you may apply the full price paid for the Introductory seminar to this one: if you attend this one, the previous one is free.

  • How Associations and Non-Profits Should Use the Internet
    The Full-day Non-Profit Session, for Associations and other non-profits who want to disseminate information, build donations, and provide valuable public service at the same time. Sessions are offered privately.

      Rate varies with group size. As always, you may apply the full price paid for the Introductory seminar to this one: if you attend this one, the previous one is free.

Special seminars may be arranged for industry groups and associations. For example, in his Internet Seminar before the State Bar Association in Lake Placid in July, John discussed

  • up-to-the-minute information on best ways to get physical access to the Internet,
  • what to do when you get there,
  • how to perform several searches for legal information -- FREE,
  • how to use the new World Wide Web medium to promote your own law firm (he should know -- he designed the Melvin & Melvin home page (see the Offer page for more information about this site), described by several attorneys as the best they have ever seen),
  • how to avoid looking foolish when you send e-mail,
  • how to optimize your time,
  • how to avoid creating a Web Home Page that fails immediately because of simple, obvious mistakes. (See "Opinion: Web Page Design".)

Seminar Style

John's seminars are known for their combination of general world-view and pinpoint focus on what will make the difference in your work. You quickly find yourself comfortable, directed, and looking forward to an adventure, all at the same time.

"Knowing all about the Internet will not make you successful.
Indeed, it may cause you to waste extraordinary amounts of time. My approach is strategic:

    What will make you more capable, happier, wealthier?
    What's the best way to get there, even starting from zero?"

You are invited to ask questions and contrast opinions. You are always welcome to improve the result for all participants, if you can. Many people have remarked that "Donohue isn't like most geeks -- he can talk!" There is a remarkable lack of ego in the room, so any question can be asked.

At one brief presentation in Fulton, evaluations were returned by the audience:

Excellent: 42
Good: 9
Fair: 0
Poor: 0
Bad: 0

The following notations were added: "Great" (3 times), "Very Interesting", "Dynamic", "Helpful advice woven into a humorous program", "Moved", "Excellent speaker, interesting presentation, and kept everyone smiling throughout the presentation", "Creative presentation -- super, really -- enjoyed him."

And in EVERY case, if you are not completely satisfied, right up to the end of the presentation, you may have all of your money back, no questions asked.

Schedule of Upcoming Seminars

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